You can ask all questions that you might have while building your company and get answers from like-minded people and experts worldwide. 

We encourage you share your knowledge with other founders aswell in your journey.

You get access to our network and can be connected to people that can help you build your company. 

We'll ask you to actively connect other members to your contacts.

It would be great if you help connecting other people too with each other.


You can meet us and other WunderNova friends for pizza and drinks regularly when we meet-up in different cities.

If you are not a member of the WunderNova Networking Club we'd love to welcome you as a guest.

And in case we haven't initiated a meet-up in your city it would be amazing if you could host the first meet-up there.


You are in good company

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What our members say

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- Full Access to WunderNova Ask

- Receive messages



- 3 Months free Club Membership

- Full Access to WunderNova Ask

- Full Access to the Club Area

- Ask for introductions to new people

- Introduce other members to your contacts

- Unlimited Messages



Frequently asked questions

Why is the club "invite only"?

Members of the club will introduce each other to their valuable contacts. However, this a place to network and grow together. We do not intend WunderNova to be a platform where people make business pitches and try to sell their products and services.

Just a few. Don't do anything you wouldn't do in your friend's home. Don't pitch your product to persons who don't ask for it. Don't take something and just leave. Help to create an environment where everyone is happy and get the guidance that they need.

We expect you to bring in your personal network by introducing members of the club to your contacts.

Are there rules?

What if there are no events in my city?

If there are no events in your city you can host one. Just contact us and we provide you with everything you need to become a WunderNova Meetup host.

Yes, the price of the WunderNova Networking Club will rise. We'll add more features and there will be more members. But for early birds, the price they start with, will always stay the same unless you unsubscribe and subscribe again after the price has gone up. 

This is our "early adopters policy".

Will the price of the Networking Club rise?

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We become what we envision!

We are a networking club for entrepreneurs, 
who like


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Our offer to you

  • Ask questions related to your journey as a founder, expert or an investor
  • Get answers from other members of the community
  • Comment on these answers and discuss with other community members
  • Talk about your expertise in your field by answering questions
  • Join our WunderNova Networking Club
  • Request introductions to people you want to meet
  • Get introductions to new people
  • Give back to the community by introducing other members to new contacts
  • Join our meetups and connect with other WunderNova members
  • Attend our active networking events
  • Host your own WunderNova meetup
  • We offer an increasing number of online courses
  • Improve your skills to become an even better entrepreneur
  • Benefit from the heavy discount we offer on all courses for all members of the networking club

The Team

Moritz Warntjen


Moritz is a serial entrepreneur and an author with a wide expertise in online marketing and PR. He gained his skillsets and experience in the latter, during his three-year long stint with one of the biggest PR agencies in the world. Having started several businesses on his own, helping other startups along with WunderNova seemed to be the next logical step. Moritz is based in Berlin, Germany, and India.

Angela De Giacomo


Before joining as a board member of several startups based in India, Singapore and the US, Angela spent seven years of her professional life working with KPMG (M&A Tax). Her recent track record of over four years, working with several startups, is what inspired her to start WunderNova. Angela lives and works in Berlin, Germany, and Delhi, India.

Jan-Paul Buchwald


Jan-Paul has spent most of his professional life at IBM Germany as a Software Developer and Advisor. Since 2014, he has been working as a freelance IT Architect and Software Developer. In 2015, he joined WunderNova as a co-founder and now oversees the development of our social networking software. Jan-Paul is based in Stuttgart, Germany.

Paula Santandreu


Paula currently works with KPMG. Prior to that, she gained a decade of experience, working in the event & marketing department of the Conteam Group. In 2015, Paula joined WunderNova as a co-founder and now advises the team in all matters regarding real life events. Paula is based in Frankfurt, Germany.

Alexander Wolf


Alexander has more than 20 years of experience in professional networking. He gained his skills in the world league of diplomacy: For nearly 10 years he was responsible for connecting embassies and international cultural institutes in Berlin and advised ambassadors in their "Public Diplomacy" in Germany. He founded several business clubs.

Diksha Dutta

Consulting Editor

Diksha is a communication professional and an independent columnist. While she specializes in building communication strategies, she spends enough time meeting startups and sharing knowledge with them through her articles. She has a wide experience of writing on startups/VCs/PE during her six-year long stint as a full time business journalist. She is based in New Delhi, India.

We are a networking club for startups, experts and investors

Free and open for all

On invitation only

* Special introductory price as long as you are subscribed

What happens in the Networking Club?

In the networking club, we want to help all the members by introducing them to each other and to new people as well. These new contacts don't necessarily need to be members of WunderNova. You can post an introduction request if you are looking for someone in a special field. Other members will then try to find that person for you.

How can I become a member of the club?

The WunderNova Networking Club is on invite only. If you want to become a member, you have several options:

1. You get invited by a member of the club
 2. You become a valuable free member of WunderNova and we'll ask you to join us
 3. You ask us for an invitation, we'll then contact you.


Partner 2017

WunderNova is the official event partner of the CeBIT Scale11

"WunderNova and Angela have been a silver lining in my business journey. I was looking at building a strong and meaningful network in Europe and Angela made it happen for me. The connects are of high value and it would have been impossible for me to otherwise find a way to reach out to them.“

Shrada Sharma

Your Story

Jocy Fernandez

Operations Manager
Jocy Fernandez

"What I like most about this platform is the that user base is very professional and here to help each other out."

Alexandra Götze

Business Coach

"I am thrilled to take part as an expert at WunderNova. As business coach, I not only get an excellent real-time insight into the challenges of the start-up scene, but also have the possibility of establishing contacts with representatives of the industry."

"The WunderNova platform is a great resource to establish connections in the Indian and German startup ecosystem as well as to get newest updates on events and other relevant information. It brings the German and Indian start-up ecosystem a bit closer together, besides the great geographical distance. I hope in the future WunderNova will help us to establish more relevant contacts and run exciting initiatives between German and Indian startups."

Eileen Trenkmann

Project Manager
GIZ, Delhi

Gabriel Xucram

HCI student

“WunderNova truly is a beautiful thing. [...] It is a community where talented people meet, help each other, show support and empathy. It adapts and improves on the traditional networking experience we are used to. WunderNova showed me that networking does not have to be frightening and difficult; it can also be fun and inspiring.