Treat our contacts with respect.

Be helpful and welcoming to new members by initiating a conversation and introducing yourself. 

Our Philosophy. 

Come as a friend.

Join the club as a friend and build meaningful relationships with other members. Introduce yourself with a short bio, a picture and ensure you complete your profile.



We are sure your product or business idea is great! However, remember that the club is not a place to generate business leads or to pitch your product and services. Build long-term relationships, business can follow later.

Be open.

If you sign up for a club event please be there on time. Don't sign up if you are not sure whether you can make it or not. Your word counts! Don't promise something you can't keep up with.

Be reliable.

Be open to give and help even if a particular member can't return you the favor right away. Remember, this is a place where you not just network, but build relationships.

And lastly, help us build a trusting and helpful community :)



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Diksha is a communication professional and an independent columnist. While she specializes in building communication strategies, she spends enough time meeting startups and sharing knowledge with them through her articles. She has a wide experience of writing on startups/VCs/PE during her six-year long stint as a full time business journalist. She is based in New Delhi, India.

Consulting Editor

Diksha Dutta

Alexander has more than 20 years of experience in professional networking. He gained his skills in the world league of diplomacy: For nearly 10 years he was responsible for connecting embassies and international cultural institutes in Berlin and advised ambassadors in their "Public Diplomacy" in Germany. He founded several business clubs.


Alexander Wolf

Paula currently works with KPMG. Prior to that, she gained a decade of experience, working in the event & marketing department of the Conteam Group. In 2015, Paula joined WunderNova as a co-founder and now advises the team in all matters regarding real life events. Paula is based in Frankfurt, Germany.

Paula Santandreu


Jan-Paul has spent most of his professional life at IBM Germany as a Software Developer and Advisor. Since 2014, he has been working as a freelance IT Architect and Software Developer. In 2015, he joined WunderNova as a co-founder and now oversees the development of our social networking software. Jan-Paul is based in Stuttgart, Germany.


Jan-Paul Buchwald

Moritz is a serial entrepreneur and an author with a wide expertise in online marketing and PR. He gained his skillsets and experience in the latter, during his three-year long stint with one of the biggest PR agencies in the world. Having started several businesses on his own, helping other startups along with WunderNova seemed to be the next logical step. Moritz is based in Berlin, Germany, and India.


Moritz Warntjen

Angela manages the Bissell Family Office in India and invests in Indian startup companies. She also serves as a board member of several startups based in India & Singapore. Angela spent seven years of her professional life working with KPMG (M&A Tax). Her recent track record of over four years, working with several startups, is what inspired her to start WunderNova. Angela lives and works in Berlin, Germany, and Delhi, India.


Angela De Giacomo

The Team. 

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Be reliable.

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